Some of the work David has done

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Sound Recordist David Tottle has been involved with:

Embarrassing Bodies Downunder
Today Tonight
Please Marry My Boy
Farmer Wants a Wife
Recipe to Riches
Sunday Night
My Kitchen Rules
The Renovators
Little People Big World
Dan Rather Reports
The Voice
X Factor
Australia’s Got Talent
Beauty & the Geek
Australia’s Next Top Model
Oprah, The Ultimate Australia
Jamie’s Backyard
Find my Family
Backyard Blitz
Australia’s Best Backyards
Ten Years Younger
Food Safari
Second Opinion
Coles Great Aussie Cook Off
My Kids a Star
Lush House
Party Gardeners
The Gruen Transfer
Master Chef
Junior Master Chef
The Biggest Loser
Can of Worms
Escape with ET
My Kids a Star
60 Minutes
A Current Affair
9 Sports
Footy Show
Today Show
Mornings with Kerri Anne
Blood, Sweat & Gears
Sky Sports
Sky Racing
Channel V
Showtime Movie News
Movie Network Movie News
Movie Network trailer Park
Fantasy Homes Down-Under
Australia’s Next Top Model,
The Chopping Block
Ronnie Jones Half Hour
Serious Crash Unit
Our Place
Animal Hospital
Your Business
9 News
Forensic Investigators
True Stories
The Gift
Australian Idol
Inside Idol
Australia’s Most Wanted
Strictly Speaking
Make me a Supermodel
Missing Persons Unit
Skating on Thin Ice
My Restaurant Rules
The Real Sea Change
Beauty & The Beast
Luke’s Workshop
Foreign Correspondent
Asia Pacific
Media Watch
Talking Heads
Can we help?
On Trial TV
Gangs of Oz
Missing Pieces
Local Heroes

Feature Films

The Top Twins: Untouchable Girls
Birth of a Warrior


Birth of a Warrior

The Topp Twins

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